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Artistic & myArtistic: rare and unique pieces from Venetian private houses. Specialized in online sale of antique furniture, paintings, decorative and unusual objects.

Artistic & myArtistic, now is mainly focused on Art Deco and vintage design. Offering a new concept of very original furnishing of the house. Authentic pieces, furniture, paintings and antiques, sources of pleasure and emotion. The frantic search for more special items and sought makes Atelier Artistic a place that fascinates people who get into. In addition to offer the documents (expertise with certificate of authenticity) regarding the sold objects, Artistic & myArtistic guarantees every single piece for all its life, and gives the possibilty to change purchased pieces with other ones. Customer can have every kind of assistance, such as: transport, assembly, restoration, upholstering.

Artistic & myArtistic, through Lanfranco Baldan, works in the field for many years; initially he started as a collector of furniture and art objects of his taste. Now it is specialized in decorative arts of XX Century.
Thanks to his capacity, practises as expert providing furniture during important shows or events:
-MITU' WELLA year 2011 Verona, interior decoration in collaboration with Fashion Communication & Styling
-MATRIMONIO ESCLUSIVO year 2011 (exclusive wedding) interior decoration at Regina Hotel Baglioni, Rome
-Setting for the TV series "CHE DIO CI AIUTI 3", year 2014, LUX VIDE S.p.A Rome

Artistic & myArtistic deals the best known names of Art Decò and of Italian and Foreign XX Century. In the show room it is possible to meet works of the most famous authors, including: Ico Parisi, Giò Ponti, Borsani,Buffa,concerning furniture; Venini, Barovier, Seguso, Salviati concerning murano glasses; Richard Ginori, Lenci, Gio Ponti concerning ceramics and porcelain.


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