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Carlo Teardo Gallery was founded in 1980 as Da.Tea. in Maggiolini Street.
In 1987 it moved to Turati Street at 6, and togheter with other six Antiques, it founded the “Antiques Square ”. Since then it was named Antiques Carlo Teardo.
The gallery gained experience in a small square of Milan that has been embellished by our hands and where take place different cultural events such as exhibitions of art books, antique's conferences, theater and weeks of advice/consultancy.

Carlo Teardo antiqurian :
With the small square's closing, The Teardo's Gallery moved to the Roman-medieval Milan, at 5 in Santa Marta Street, where still is.
The gallery became an important destination for collectors presenting not only its own antique works but also organizing specific cultural exhibitions: precious Beer Mugs, old eastern cristian's Icons, European Ivory, Paintings of Venice, ecc..

Carlo Teardo Story

Carlo Teardo was born in Venice, where after a lot of experiences related to artistics movements he found out “The Antique” through a Venetian's Antique. At first, Teardo collected some poor things but through several exchanges, sales and purchases, he discovered his own vocation: living among antiques things and base his life on them. The pleasure of possessing rare and quality objects and the research of antiques ones have always been the reason and the aim of his activity. Slowly Teardo reduced his activity sphere and he concentrated it on European silver and ivory, collectibles objects and Russian icons. The research and study of these last items has marked Carlo Teardo's activity, who can be considered as the Italian pioneer of the archaic and primitive art of The Icon. Furthermore thanks to his studies, he contributes to collect art works which belong to private and public collections.

The merchant

In 1968 Teardo moved to Milan, and together with a partner he enters the “Antique” market by selling his objects to antique dealers. In 1980 and by himself he sets up a shop in Maggiolini Street and than he moved to Turati Street, where he founded “The Antiques”. Since 2001 the Gallery has been opened in Santa Marta Street, in the middle of the medieval city.

Associative and Public Commitment.
Since 1990 Adviser of the then Art Dealers Union of Milan and province.
Since 1991 Adviser of the Council of Italian Art Dealers Federation, FIMA.
From 1995 to 1998 National Secretary of FIMA.
Since 1998 President of the Art Events and International Antique Consortium.
From 2000 to 2002 National Secretary of FIMA
From 2004 to 2008 General Secretary of FIMA
From 2008 to 2012 President of FIMA

President of Fima untill 2016