Do I need to register to browse Ltwid ?
No. You can browse LTWID as a user without registering on our site. However, you get more access to even more services as a registered LTWID member. Certain features on the site such as price- and shipping requests require registration and login by providing an email address and password.

How can I buy on Ltwid ?
You can directly get in contact with our selected dealers and call or email them.

How can I receive the Ltwid Newsletter ?
Subscribing your email in the specific box in Ltwid Homepage : you'll be always tuned on Ltwid new arrivals.

Everybody can create a Showroom on Ltwid to sell objects?
Every dealer can create a Standard Showroom on Ltwid. We ask for some specific features : recognizable company with physical location or warehouse. The items of every single dealer should be in accord with the Ltwid aim of high excellence standard.

How can I create my own Gallery on Ltwid ?
Create you Gallery is very simple: you can choose your advertising plan and then to Sign Up as a Dealer by clicking on the "Sign Up" in the top right of the Ltwid Homepage. Then you can insert all the information bout your company, logo and a cover image.

How can I add new object on my Showroom?
One you signed up you can use the function "Manage Product" and "Add product" : you can upload unlimited picture for you items, having care that the first picture uploaded for every item is on a WHITE BACKGROUND, according to the graphical style of Ltwid pages.

How can I give major visibility to my objects and my company ?
The Standard Showroom allows you to create you Gallery and upload items. For a major visibility you can buy a Special Showroom (Gold or Vip) or a Special Banner in Ltwid Homepage.

How can I include some of my objects in the Ltwid newsletter?
Buying a Gold or Vip Showroom you can chose several objects of yours to be included in the Ltwid weekly newsletter.