The best selection of masterpieces from the best Art Gallery around the world: paintings, mid-century modern and antique sculptures, photographies belonging to the most famous artists and the
precious pieces: Vistosi, Metal Sculpture, George De Groat, John Luke Eastman, John Olympio, Sherry Walter, Gerald Campbell, DeGroot, Ortega, Maecel Marti, Chistopher DiVicente, Peppi Henig, Bernard Cornille, Pierre Manzoni, Picasso/Madoura, Albert Chubac, Terry O'Neill, John Van Alstine, Giuseppe Miti Zanetti, Antonio Calza, Francesco Bergamini, Giuseppe Antonio Pianca, Francesco Mantovano, Antonio Perruzzini, David Dunlop, Alejandro Trimper, Pietro Antonio Rotari, Eugenio Zampighi, Bruno Saetti, Gianna Pinna, Mari Sunna and selected among the young emergent artists.