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Via Castelfidardo 2
Milano Italy

Phone: +39 02 70125737
Web: www.michelleo.it
E-Mail: info@michelleo.it
The Gallery Michel Leo was born in 1983 in the heart
di Brera, Via Solferino.
In 2000 he moved on Via Castelfidardo corner
Via San Marco, one of the most picturesque of the city of Milan.

After thirty years of experience in antiques
and especially in the Art Deco period, Leo Michel and his son Marco starts to produce its furniture line.
This collection called "Furniture in Parchment" (designer Michel Leo) sees the light in the early 2000s and was finally presented to the public during the Salone Del Mobile 2010.
The furnishings are inspired by the Deco-Modernist period in both design techniques and the materials used.

The collection is distinguished by quality and elegance. All the furnishings are hand made
by master craftsmen in our workshops in Milan: the wooden shell, lining with parchment (goat skin) keys and brass hinges, identical to those that used the great craftsmen of the period.

The meticulous research of the perfection of the details is one of the main characteristics of these furnishings.
When you enter the gallery Leo Michel is a feeling of entering a tailoring of the cabinet, where nothing is left to chance.

All the furniture offered are made of customized and modified according to the needs
of the same.
You can also create custom furnishings
ex novo of the customer.

The main materials used

- The parchment (goat skin) colors:
ivory, red, black, charcoal gray and tobacco.
- Various types of wood:
rosewood, maple, walnut, mahogany, cherry
wood and ebony black