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From the center of Milan, an international window
February 16, 2016
From the center of Milan, an international window
How did the adventure of Spazio 900 start?
Everything started in 1993, with a little shop called "Le cose del 900" in Via Fiamma in Milan. Enza De Iuliis and Adriano Albini opened it following their passion for modern antiques and specialized in design objects from the period between 1930 and 1960.
While time passed the space dedicated to this activity became bigger and it duplicated with a second shop in Corso Garibaldi called "Spazio 900 Gallery".
In the beginning of 1999 an old industrial building in Viale Campania was turned into the current venue of "Spazio 900" which became the meeting point for everyone passionate about vintage design and modern antiques. A prestigious place for permanent exhibitions and for everyone who enjoys reasearching, collecting and wandering though beautiful design pieces.
Spazio 900 is a very well known reality in Milan, what are gallerists and merchants mostly interested in? What do design lovers usually look for?
Spazio 900 has been the lanndmark for all vintage design lovers for more than 20 years. It attracts people passionate about modern antiques and it offers one of the largest selections of design object of the period between 1950 and 1980 signed by some of the most famous Italian and international designers of the time.
Do you have a most requested object?
Gallerists and collectors usually look for important and prestigious pieces from famous designers, while design lovers usually look for easier and more approachable objects, to combine with contemporary furniture, where look and useabilty are more important.
You have been one of the first shop who used LTWID, what do you think about this marketplace?
LTWID is a great showcase to expose products and reach a larger audience of people interested in the decorative arts of the 20th Century. LTWID attracts collectors, designers and enthusiasts from all over the world and allows them to buy the historical pieces of "Spazio 900" carefully selected and presented together with many other prestigious international collections.